New Mexico Building Code

New Mexico Building Code, Permit and Licensing Information

Updated: Jan. 16, 2023

New Mexico Construction Code Division

Construction Industries Division
Toney Anaya Building
2550 Cerrillos Road, Third Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: (505) 476-4672
Fax: (505) 476-4685

New Mexico Construction Code and Edition Adopted:

Adopted statewide by NM Construction Industrial Div. (CID) as minimum New Mexico building code.

Applicability (statewide, local, limited): LIMITED

New Mexico Construction Code is primarily adopted and enforced locally. All local jurisdictions can make any amendments they deem necessary in their jurisdictions.

Notes:The New Mexico Electrical Bureau reviews and recommends contents for the licensing and certification examinations for all electrical trades. It also performs state-wide electrical inspections in CID jurisdiction, electrical plan review and oversees electrical permitting.

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