Restaurant Permit and Entitlement Services

Nationwide Restaurant Building Permit, Health, Zoning and Liquor License Expediting Services

RestaurantPermit Place helps national restaurants and franchisees execute their restaurant roll out, refresh and remodel programs, on time and on budget.

We help open locations faster by facilitating and streamlining the permit and entitlement process nationwide.

Our customers experience reduced time spent in plan check, greater visibility into the mysterious approval process and enjoy greater profits without spending money on pricey lawyers.


  1. Restaurants involve City Building Permits, County Health Permits AND State Alcohol Permits and Licenses
  2. You may benefit from our restaurant permit and entitlement services, IF…
    • Your restaurant generates grease, you may be subject to Sewer and/or Waste Water permits
    • Industrial Waste may also want to see what your doing
    • Air Quality may want to know if you are putting out a lot of smoke from your ovens.
  3. Many of our clients use us for their Building, Health, Zoning and State ABC Liquor Licensing
    • If your restaurant wants to sell beer or wine, you may need a Liquor License AND a local Zoning permit approval.
    • We can usually save you the cost of our service by accelerating the process.
    • Your area may be in a high concentration of Liquor permits and you may be unable to secure one.
  4. Our AICP Planners help you with your Alcohol permits
  5. Get all your approvals with one service.  No additional consultants necessary.
  6. We ALWAYS attempt to get you the fastest review time.  (Over the counter reviews, Express, Appointment plan checks, Overtime)

We are members of ICSC (Internation Council of Shopping Centers) and chances are we worked in any jurisdiction that you need to expand.

We also assist in the signage permits for our retailers and help them coordinate their work through landlord approvals and more.

Contact us today and send us your project details and we’ll send you our no cost estimate with our free due diligence.

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