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About Permit Place

Permit Place is a Permit Expediting and Entitlement Consulting firm.  We are Planners, Construction Managers and Real Estate Professionals uniquely offering superior customer service to the construction, development, and real estate markets.

Permit Place constantly strives to provide you with the highest quality customer service, information and local service available.

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Mission & Values
Permit Place’s mission and values form a strong backbone for high quality customer service.

Industry Affiliations
Permit Place is a proud member of a number of nation and world-wide institutions that aim to innovate in the construction, real estate, and construction supply industries.

Partners Ending Violence
Learn more about Permit Place’s commitment to ending intimate violence through social change and education.

Permit Expediting
Permit Place provides permit expediting services nationwide. .

Entitlement Services
Permit Place certified (AICP) Planners provide Entitlement services nationwide.

Learn more about exciting career opportunities that Permit Place offers.

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