California Restaurant

Beer & Wine Liquor Licenses

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Download Step-by-Step Instructions for the

California ABC Type 41 Liquor License Application

Beer & wine sales generate revenue and attract customers, but California restaurants need a liquor license. 

Specifically, a Type 41 On-Sale Beer and Wine Eating Place liquor license from California’s Alcoholic Beverage Control. And that is no small task. 

The application requires completing 11 different forms (which vary by the type of business) and submitting a number of supporting documentation

It’s a process that takes months if everything goes perfectly. But, incomplete applications or request for more information can stall approvals, costing you valuable revenue and patrons. 

 At Permit Place, we wanted to help! We created downloadable, step-by-step guides to completing your application.

Download Our How-To Guide

We’ve developed a how-to guide that provides everything needed to create a complete, accurate ABC Type 41 application packet. Specifically, the guide includes:

  • A checklist of all items and documentation needed. 
  • A zip file with all the correct forms you need to complete. 
  • Step-by-step instructions on filling out each form.  
  • Detailed walk through for putting together your application packet. 
This is the same resource we use when building liquor license applications internally, but without the $2,000 price tag. 

Download This Guide Today

An Introduction to the Process

For those who have never gone through the process, check out this quick overview video. It is designed to introduce the permitting steps and explain timelines and costs.

It is specific to restaurants, but is still a valuable watch for any California business as you set timelines and budgets.