Industries Served

Industries served:

Permit Place serves all industries. Some of the more common include:

Figuring Out Your Business’ Permit Needs

Many processes that may seem different to you are the same from industry to industry.  For example, a retail store may have the same occupancy as a bank or a hotel.

It depends on the zone and the jurisdiction that your business is located.  Many people find that due diligence or a site investigation report is needed before they try to start the permit process.

Expediting the Permit Approval Process

After we complete your due diligence, we will tell you about the number of sets, the fees, the time frames and other requirements that you will need to file for permit.

After we file for your permit, we will  follow up and chase down approvals and communicate what is going on with your project.

Let Permit Place Ease Your Burden

For over 10 years, Permit Place has been helping people reach their real estate goals.  Why not give us a call today?


*To find out more about the industries we serve, please read our Case Studies or send us a question for Permit Support online.