National Permit
Expediting Programs

Hit Your Construction and Opening Dates

National rollouts, expansions and franchises require strategic permitting programs. Otherwise, dates get missed with limited communication as to why. 

For this reason, a paper-pushing permit expeditor will NOT work. You need a strategic, well-organized, proactive partner who knows all your jurisdictions so well it can escalate communications to get approvals done.

How Permit Place Gets Program Approvals

At Permit Place, we specialize in large retail permit programs and have helped thousands of locations get approvals quickly. 

Permit Strategy

First, let’s map out your construction schedule and target open dates. Based on jurisdiction timelines, we’ll work backward to time application submittals. 

Design Team Coordination

Our team will work with your designers and stakeholders to consolidate all required documents in the proper formats and submit complete applications the first time.  

Monitoring Software

As a program client, you get access to an online portal and see the real-time status of all your open permit projects, along with schedules, milestones, communication logs, and more. 

Proactive Collaboration

As we hear from the jurisdictions, we immediately relay this information to your team and start coordinating any comments or corrections with the relevant team members. 

Brands That Trust Permit Place

Start-to-Finish Permitting

For each location, we’ll handle all permitting tasks. We can also support preliminary real estate due diligence to help guide your planning and location selection.

Due Diligence & Research
Document Consolidation & Review
Plan Submittal
Comments & Corrections
Ready to Issue

What Our Clients Say

“I’m very impressed with Permit Place for going to these lengths to help us. This clearly shows that they feel our sense of urgency and that they take their role in our projects seriously.”

“Permit Place is a well organized reliable company that you can always count on.”

“Over the two years I have worked with Permit Place, they have consistently impressed me with their commitment to serving our needs… it’s easy to see who is willing to adapt to the changes and they’ve been outstanding. I describe Permit Place as a partner with us, much more than just a vendor.”

“We have saved three months of paperwork and thousands in fees. I want to personally thank Permit Place for the quick thinking, the creative strategy, and the timely work that got our projects approved. Your partnership is greatly appreciated.”

“Permit Place has been an invaluable resource for our company as we worked through 75+ projects spread across the U.S. & Canada. Their attention to detail and amazing service is second to none. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

“We have grown to rely on Permit Place to obtain permits for our nation­wide franchisees. They have delivered remarkable service since day one and we would recommend them to anyone.”

“It is always a pleasure doing business with Permit Place and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing permitting assistance. I will continue to use them in the future.”

“Permit Place has been very efficient and thorough in gathering preliminary feedback/info from my site surveys.”

“Permit Place has been fantastic to work with. Thank you, as always, for your great work.”

Schedule Time To Talk

Let’s schedule 30 minutes to discuss your planned program and how Permit Place can help expedite your permit approvals.