Permit & Project Types

Over nearly 20 years, Permit Place has cultivated strong relationships, built local code knowledge bases, and refined our processes to ensure efficient, expedited permitting no matter what type of permit or project.

Whether you’re a single store looking to open on time or a franchise planning a nationwide expansion, trust us to make your life easier. We can help you with site investigation reports, permit research, entitlements, permit expediting, and liquor licenses

The Most Common Permits We Support

One commercial project may require multiple types of permits. Our team can help identify the permits you’ll need and then expedite the approval process.

The Types of Projects We Manage

Single Location Permitting

Single Location

To a business owner, a lot of time, money, and energy goes into opening a new location. For this reason, keeping your grand opening on schedule is critical.

Let Permit Place provide a clear vision of what’s needed for permit approval and then manage the process for you. We’ve helped hundreds of locations avoid unnecessary, costly delays.

Multi-Unit Expansion

With every municipality approving construction projects based on their own rules and regulations, opening multiple locations across cities, states or regions gets complicated.

We work with dozens of corporations and franchises to facilitate the permitting process for multi-unit expansion. From retail to restaurants to hotels, we can coordinate permit approvals quickly, no matter how many new locations.

Multi-Location Permits

Regional / National Rollouts

Whether installing new equipment, opening a shop in a shop, or repurposing parts of a store, construction to upgrade multiple existing locations requires a systematic permitting process.

Coordinated rollout programs across dozens or even hundreds of stores and municipalities are our specialty. We’ve helped many top brands streamline the permit approval process for state, regional, and national rollouts.

How We Help

Due Diligence

  • Fee and timeline estimates
  • Answers to important questions
  • Research into potential issues

Document Collation

  • Collect required documentation
  • Reviews form accuracy,
  • Compiles complete submittal packets

Plan Submittal

  • Attend plan check meetings
  • Fill out all paperwork
  • Manage receipts and fee payments

Comments & Corrections

  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Coordinate revisions with stakeholders
  • Resubmit permit packets

Ready to Issue

  • Final fee calculations
  • Contractor consulting
  • Final ready-to-issue paperwork

Who We’ve Worked With

We’ve helped more than 2,500 companies streamline the permitting process.

Schedule Time To Talk

Let’s schedule 30 minutes to discuss your project and how Permit Place can help expedite the approval process.