Retail Permit Expediting Services Nationwide

RetailPermit Place helps national retailers execute their nationwide roll out, refresh and remodel programs, on time and on budget.

We help you open locations faster by facilitating and streamlining the permit and entitlement process nationwide.

Our customers experience reduced time spent in plan check, greater visibility into the mysterious approval process and enjoy peace of mind knowing that their permits are in good hands.


  1. Due diligence. 
    • How many sets you need,
    • How many days will it take,
    • How much will permit and plan check fees be?
  2. Pre-Submittal Services
    • We coordinate and slip sheet sub-consultants work
    • We coordinate and facilitate with landlords and tenants.  
    • We fill out all paperwork to ensure accuracy.
  3. In Person Submittal Services
    • We ALWAYS attempt to get you the fastest review time.  (Over the counter reviews, Express, Appointment plan checks, Overtime)
    • Nationwide and Local reps available.
    • Simultaneous submittals, no problem.
  4. Monitor, Push and Report
    • 5 day update status
    • Same day updates on high priority projects
    • We are VERY assertive but also know when to back off.
  5. Secure Ready To Issue
    • We’ll secure corrections or send you the ready to issue report
    • We tell your contractors exactly what they need to bring to pull the permit
    • We organize all your documents and you can get status 24/7 on our websites.
We are members of ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) and chances are we worked in any jurisdiction that you need to expand.

We also assist in the signage permits for our retailers and help them coordinate their work through landlord approvals and more.

Contact us today and send us your project details and we’ll send you our no cost estimate with our free due diligence.

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