Nebraska Building Code

Nebraska Building Code and Licensing Information

Updated: Jan. 13, 2023

State Code Agency:

Christopher Cantrell, State Fire Marshal
246 South 14th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508-1804
(402) 471-9471
[email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Current State Codes and Edition Adopted:

Codes are adopted locally. The Nebraska legislature is responsible for establishing building codes into the law and local jurisdictions then adopts the codes.

Nebraska Statute 71-6403 authorizes local jurisdiction to adopt a building code, but jurisdictions that do so must adopt the International Building Code. The State Energy Office is authorized to adopt alternate energy standards if they are equivalent to or more restrictive than the IECC.

Applicability (statewide, local, limited): LIMITED

Codes are primarily adopted and enforced locally.

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State Website
State Licensing
State Electrical Division Licensure is required for the electrical trade.  The State Electrical Act requires that licensees complete twelve contact hours of continuing education by January 1 of each odd-numbered year. These shall include a minimum of six contact hours studying the NEC. Nebraska is also a state that will most likely adopt the NEC-2020 this year based on past three-year code cycle trends
Nebraska Electrical Division
1220 Lincoln Mall, Suite 125
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 471-3550
State Energy Office Department of Environment and Energy

The State of Nebraska has adopted Energy Code 2018 IECC and ASHRAE 90.1-2016

State Environmental Permit
Nebraska Building by County
Nebraska Building Code by County

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