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Permit Place was founded and grew through an educate-first philosophy. This resource center includes resources, tools and tips that can help simplify the often over-complicated permitting process. 

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Complete Guide to California Liquor Licenses

With more than 70 liquor licenses to choose from, identifying and getting a California liquor license can be a complicated process. We’ve compiled our years of alcohol permit knowledge into this guide to help you get your application reviewed and approved easier.

Complete Guide to Los Angeles Restaurant Permits

This guide gives you a thorough understanding of the Los Angeles restaurant permitting process and who you’ll be working with. We’ve also included tips we use to expedite the building permitting process, saving time and money.

LA Restaurant Permits
California Beer & Wine Type 41 Course

California ABC Type 41 Liquor License Application Guide

We’ve developed step-by-step guides to building a complete ABC Type 41 on-sale beer and wine liquor license application. This download will introduce you to the permit and the application process, and then walk you step-by-step through completing your application packet. You’ll receive forms, documents, checklists and other valuable materials.

State Building Code Directory

State Building Code and Permit Directory is your tool to research and learn the state and local amendments and permit requirements for you state and town.   Let us know if you found what you need or how we can improve this resource.
State Building Codes
Los Angeles Retail

Los Angeles Retail Permits: A Complete Guide

Whether opening a retail store a mall, shopping plaza, or a standalone building, this guide outlines the entire LA retail permitting process, including who’s involved, timelines and estimated costs.

San Jose Retail Permit Guide

We’ve taken our years of experience permitting retail locations in San Jose and consolidated much of it into this free resource. We’ve outlined the whole process along with what you need to know about fees, timelines and application packages. 

California EV Charging Station Permits

Guide to California EV Charging Station Permits

In this ebook, we’ll introduce you to the California EV charging station permitting process and share best practices to help speed up your approvals.

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