Store Opening Due Diligence

Prepare for Post-Permit Requirements

Getting permit approvals is just the beginning. Opening on time still requires clearing many jurisdictional hurdles, including … 

  • Scheduling inspections.
  • Paying various fees to different departments.
  • Obtaining the correct licenses. 
  • Alarms system applications.
  • And more. 

Knowing upfront what’s required, and when, can save you time and help avoid the frantic, last-minute scrambling faced by most new owner operators.

What is Store-Opening Due Diligence?

With Permit Place’s Store Opening Due Diligence, we research all city and county requirements for opening your specific type of business. We then compile our findings into a detailed checklist that includes everything you need to do, and when, to ensure your doors open on time. This may include:

Jurisdiction Contact Information

Key Points of Contact

Fee Schedules

Inspection Requirements

Timelines to Schedule Inspections

License Requirements

Application Forms

Certifications / Exams

And more

Example Finding

“The City of Bowie Maryland requires fire alert system applicants to select a DPIE-authorized Third Party Plan Review Agency (TPPRA) at their own cost to review and approve shop drawings of Fire Protection Systems. Food service companies are required to schedule and pass a pre-opening inspection from the Health Review of DPIE.”

What Our Clients Say

In an industry where reputation and timeliness are the keys to success, it is critical to work with companies that I can trust to get the job done right. Permit Report is one of those companies.

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