Permit Project Portal

Stop Wondering About The Status of Your Permits

We understand the frustration that comes with permit status uncertainty. Lack of visibility into progress and delayed communications cause undue stress in an already stressful situation. 

We’ve eliminated this concern with our new client portal. Now, get real-time, any-time access to the latest permit updates and progress.

Complete Project Transparency

As a Permit Place client, you’ll get access to our Permit Project Portal. This proprietary system is designed to give you complete, up-to-date information about all your active permit projects. 

You’ll see status updates, schedules and milestones, and communication logs across all your projects and permits. It is also a direct line of communication to our team where you can submit tickets, ask questions or securely share documents.

Why Clients Love Our Project Portal

Status Updates

Quickly see the up-to-date status of all your active projects, including color-coded status tags.


View a detailed list of completed and planned activities and milestone dates. Also, view this schedule as a Gantt chart for easier monitoring.


See a timeline of activities associated with each project and permit to better track progress and monitor our efforts.


Compare projected and actual milestone dates to evaluate how well we are doing against estimates.


Easily upload project documents, like plans, for permit submittal. Issued comments and permit documents are also uploaded here for easy access by your team.

Prompt Support

Easily create a customer service request ticket within the portal and assign it a priority. Your dedicated team will respond promptly with answers.

Permit Project Portal Demo

View a 3-minute demo of our Permit Project Portal.

What Our Clients Say

“I’m very impressed with Permit Place for going to these lengths to help us. This clearly shows that they feel our sense of urgency and that they take their role in our projects seriously.”

“Permit Place is a well organized reliable company that you can always count on.”

“Over the two years I have worked with Permit Place, they have consistently impressed me with their commitment to serving our needs… it’s easy to see who is willing to adapt to the changes and they’ve been outstanding. I describe Permit Place as a partner with us, much more than just a vendor.”

“We have saved three months of paperwork and thousands in fees. I want to personally thank Permit Place for the quick thinking, the creative strategy, and the timely work that got our projects approved. Your partnership is greatly appreciated.”

“Permit Place has been an invaluable resource for our company as we worked through 75+ projects spread across the U.S. & Canada. Their attention to detail and amazing service is second to none. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

“We have grown to rely on Permit Place to obtain permits for our nation­wide franchisees. They have delivered remarkable service since day one and we would recommend them to anyone.”

“It is always a pleasure doing business with Permit Place and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing permitting assistance. I will continue to use them in the future.”

“Permit Place has been very efficient and thorough in gathering preliminary feedback/info from my site surveys.”

“Permit Place has been fantastic to work with. Thank you, as always, for your great work.”

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