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Updated: Jan. 11. 2023

What is Iowa Building Code Current Editions?

Applicability (statewide, local, limited): LIMITED

The Building Code Bureau performs plan reviews for all State-owned buildings. In addition, all non-State-owned building that are constructed with State appropriated funds, if built in an area without an adopted and enforced local building code are required to be reviewed. If the building is not State owned, additions, renovations and repairs are excluded from this plan review requirement.

In addition, plan reviews are required for compliance with State Fire Marshal Rules for any education building or facility serving kindergarten through twelfth grade, any college or university building or facility, any child care facility, any correctional facility or any gaming facility.

In Electrical Code, Iowa is an example of a state that has statewide adoption with amendments. For example, the Iowa board voted to retain several GFCI amendments from the NEC-2011 and voted to eliminate some of the AFCI requirements from 210.12(D) and 406.4(D)(4).

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State Licensing Licensing for plumbers and electricians is done at the local level. No state license for general contracting, however, all businesses must register with the state.
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State Environmental Permit
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