Mississippi Permit, Building Code and Licensing Information

Mississippi State Fire Marshall’s Office
501 North West Street
Contact Person: Ricky Davis
Phone: (888) 648-0877

Mississippi Permit, Building Code and Licensing Information

State Website http://www.mississippi.gov/
State Licensing

State license required for commercial jobs over $100,000, city or county jobs over $50,000.

State Building Code The State of Mississippi does not have a statewide building code. Building code adoption and enforcement is primarily the responsibility of local jurisdictions. In 2006, Bill 1406 created the Mississippi Building Code Council, and requires five coastal counties, Jackson, Harrison, Hancock, Stone and Pearl River to enforce, on an emergency basis, all of the wind and flood mitigation requirements prescribed by the 2003 International Building Code and the 2003 International Residential Code.
State Licensing Division http://www.msboc.state.ms.us/
State Fire Marshall www.mid.state.ms.us/state_fire_marshall_office.aspx
State Environmental Permit http://www.deq.state.ms.us/



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