Colorado Permit, Building Code and Licensing Information

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Colorado Permit, Building Code and Licensing Information

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State Licensing State license required for electrical, asbestos removal, plumbers, and pesticides trade; no state license for general contracting. Licensing may be required on a city or county level.
State Building Code The State of Colorado has adopted the 2006 International Building Code (IBC), the 2006 International Fire Code (IFC), the 2006 International Mechanical Code (IMC), the 2006 International Plumbing Code (IPC), the 2006 International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC), the 2006 International Energy  Conservation Code (IECC).

All State Buildings & Facilities: IBC, IMC, IPC, IFGC, IECC.  All
Public Schools & Junior Colleges: IBC, IFC, IMC, IPC, IFGC

State Licensing Division
State Fire Marshall
State Environmental Permit



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