Thinking of Remodeling Your Hotel?

Construction Workers

Receiving a San Diego Hotel Building Permit Using San Diego Hotel Permit Expediter If you own a hotel, you know that the industry that you are competing in is one that you have to keep your establishment updated and attractive in order to stay competitive. Because you know this, you may be planning on remodeling […]

California Liquor License and Zoning Permits

California Liquor License

California Liquor License and local Zoning Permits California Liquor License also requires a local Zoning Permit in order to operate.  What does that mean? It means that if you are a small local business and you want to offer Beer and Wine at your cafe, you have to get two types of licenses.  A California […]

California Liquor License: Five Questions To Ask Before Applying

Five Questions To Ask Before Applying For California Liquor License If you own a café or restaurant and are seeking a California Liquor License and do not serve alcohol, you may be missing out on a very profitable component of your business.  We’ve compiled a list of the five top questions that we suggest you […]