Thinking of Remodeling Your Hotel?

Receiving a San Diego Hotel Building Permit Using San Diego Hotel Permit Expediter

If you own a hotel, you know that the industry that you are competing in is one that you have to keep your establishment updated and attractive in order to stay competitive. Because you know this, you may be planning on remodeling your hotel in order to make it more attractive to potential guests, but you may also know that remodeling a hotel requires permits. And permits require a lot of time and energy.

Benefits of Using a Hotel Permit Expediter

In San Diego, Hotel permits need floor by floor permits, permits from the fire department, health, human services and mechanical, electrical and plumbing permits.  You may need a beer and wine licenses to serve your guests. Getting the right permits, can make all the difference.

At Permit Place, our San Diego hotel building permit experts are local guides to walk you through the San Diego permti process. 

San Diego Hotel Building Permits

Building permits are required  to make sure that your establishment is safe, secure, and within zoning regulations.

Permit Place can help because we specialize in hotel permit services with local staff in San Diego.  We help you first figure out what permits are required and what you can ignore for the time being. We have helped other hotels in San Diego do the same thing, as well as helping businesses in numerous other industries receive the permits required to continue operating their business.

To get you started, Permit Place provides you with a free service quote that estimates the cost needed to get you the permits you need. A representative from Permit Place will get in touch with you to get the ball rolling.  Permit Place will make sure you know exactly what you need to get San Diego Hotel permits as quickly as possible.

If you want to start getting your San Diego Hotel permits as soon as possible, contact Permit Place.  Our experts will get the permits to get the job started!


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