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Permit Place is a national permit expediting agency with local teams across the country. Our Dallas team works closely with commercial construction and remodeling projects to navigate the City of Dallas’ building codes and regulations.

For year’s we’ve worked closely with Dallas Plan Review and Field Service Inspection professionals, building relationships and learning how to proactively address hurdles that commonly stall approvals. Dallas also offers an ePlan portal, enabling certain projects to submit for permits online, further expediting the process. 

Trust us to get your permit approvals on time so you can open your doors on time.

Dallas Projects That Trust Us

We’ve helped hundreds of  companies streamline the Dallas permit process and get approvals on time.

Start-to-Finish Permitting

Our Dallas permit expediting team will manage every step of the approval process on your behalf. 

Due Diligence & Research
Document Consolidation & Review
Plan Submittal
Comments & Corrections
Ready to Issue

Why Dallas Commercial Construction Projects Choose Us

Specialized Experience

The required permits, forms, and building codes vary based on where you are in Dallas and your business type. From banks to restaurants, our team has done it all. We pride ourselves on submitting complete, accurate permit applications the first time.

Unrivaled Local Knowledge

Our team has spent years building relationships within the City of Dallas permitting departments. We understand what officials are looking for in a application, so you can avoid costly approval delays.

Complete Transparency

Our client portal gives you full access to the status of all your active projects and a detailed timeline of milestones and actions taken. It also provides a direct line of communication to your dedicated team. Learn more.

Proven Process

Our internal systems and processes are designed to share institutional knowledge across teams. As a result, our Dallas team benefits from lessons learned by our Houston, Austin and LA teams, and vice versa. All of which benefits you, the client.

Trust Us to Help Get Your Locations Open On Time


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Malls & Shopping Centers

Restaurant Permit Expediting


Liquor Licenses

California Liquor Licenses

Convenience store permits

Convenience Stores

EV Charging Station

EV Charging Stations

Solar Panel & Storage

How We Provide Full Transparency

The Permit Project Portal

To give you any time, anywhere visibility into the status of your permits, we’ve built a brand new Permit Project Portal. Through this proprietary system, you’ll get access to: 

  • Status updates.
  • Completed and planned milestones and dates.
  • Timeline of activities and communications.
  • Secure document sharing.
  • Prompt, dedicated team support.

Stop wondering about the status of your permits. Check out our 3-minute portal overview or learn more here.

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