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Permit Place started in Seattle in 1999 and continues to offer complete building permit and entitlement services for architects, restaurateurs, retailers, developers, and owners throughout the Puget Sound region.

Centrally located in Federal Way, our Seattle office covers Thurston, Pierce, Snohomish and King Counties.  We specialize in the cities in those areas as well.  If you need a permit in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett or Olympia areas then give us a call.

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Permit Place has a Seattle DPD (Department of Planning and Development) CPA (Continuously Prepared Applicant) rating of 100.  This means we qualify for the drop off permit process for your projects.   We get building permits faster by simplifying the difficult and complicated building permit process. Our experts are local to your area, so we know the people and procedures that get your projects approved.

Our expert team of project managers can handle all of the submittals and paperwork while coordinating between city, county, and local government bodies.  We have a clear understanding of the building code, permit fees and project requirements specific to each jurisdiction, which prevents those common delays in getting your projects approved.

Some examples of the services we offer:

New Construction Permits
Land Use Permits
Tenant Improvement Permits
Seattle DPD Zoning Permits
Planning and Entitlement Services
Master Land Use Approvals
Conditional Use Permits
Health Department Approvals
Fire Department Approvals
Design Review
Planning Commission
Feasibility Analysis
Site Surveys
Due Diligence
Sign Permits
Awning Permits

As soon as you start thinking about your construction project give us a call.  The sooner we can begin coordinating and streamlining the construction permit or entitlement process the faster you can begin construction.  By managing the building permit process from the beginning, we can ensure that your building permit will be ready to issue as soon as possible.

Don’t let your building permits get delayed for weeks, months, or even years because you’re not familiar with a jurisdiction’s internal processes or the complicated building code!  We know how things work and we’ll make sure your construction project begins on schedule or even before schedule.

From simple, single retail tenant improvement permits to complex, multi-state retail roll-outs… you can relax, knowing that your building permit is in the right hands.

How to order:
Fill out our online Permit Project Request Form.  With the key details of your project, we will get back to you right away with a quote and further discuss your construction permit needs.

Once a New Project Form has been filled out we’ll provide you with a project estimate based on location, square footage, and scope of work.  Both project and hourly rates are available.

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