California Liquor License and Zoning Permits

California Liquor License and local Zoning Permits

California Liquor License also requires a local Zoning Permit in order to operate.  What does that mean?

California Liquor License
This is what a California Liquor License notice of intent to sell looks like

It means that if you are a small local business and you want to offer Beer and Wine at your cafe, you have to get two types of licenses.  A California Liquor License from ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) and a local Zoning permit or Conditional Use Permit.

Click here for a short video about what a local Zoning Permit or Conditional Use Permit?  What are some of the services we can help with?

We help with Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Cafe’s, Hotels and Restaurants get their Type 20, 21 and Type 41 and Type 47 ABC Liquor Licenses and the Conditional Use or Zoning Permits that accompany them.

We’ll help you with the State process, background check, the Lottery.  We can help you figure out your ROI for getting your permits expedited vs. regular process.

We’ll help you with Floor Plans, Radius Maps, Site Plans, Notification Postings.

  • Zoning Permits
  • Health Permit Approvals
  • Beer and Wine only
  • Full Liquor
  • ABC License approvals
  • Conditional Use Permit applications
  • Change of Use permit if necessary
  • Lottery participation
  • Open Licenses

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