Thinking of Remodeling Your Hotel?

Construction Workers

Receiving a San Diego Hotel Building Permit Using San Diego Hotel Permit Expediter If you own a hotel, you know that the industry that you are competing in is one that you have to keep your establishment updated and attractive in order to stay competitive. Because you know this, you may be planning on remodeling […]

Los Angeles Restaurant Permits: A Comprehensive List

This resource is an expert from our Complete Guide to Los Angeles Restaurant Permits. Visit this page for everything you need to know about getting permits reviewed and approved quickly. So you finally decided to take the plunge and invest your savings into a franchise restaurant concept. Excellent move. Franchise systems can help first time […]

Opening a Restaurant in San Diego


Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, love the restaurant lifestyle, and want to combine the two? If you are in the San Diego area, you might wonder how to open a restaurant.  What to Expect When Opening a Restaurant in San Diego Aside from that huge rush when you first open the doors to your […]

3 Questions Answered for Fast Liquor Permits in San Diego

If you are about to open a restaurant, bar, or other hospitality-based business in San Diego, you may have some questions about California liquor permit laws. After all, you will need to apply and be approved for a liquor permit in San Diego before you are able to serve alcohol at your establishment. Since this […]

Parking Requirements for San Diego Restaurants

Opening a restaurant can be challenging. In San Diego CA, parking requirements for various types of businesses can be difficult to understand, and this is only one of many things likely on your plate as a business owner. Thankfully, Permit Place’s San Diego location is staffed with experts who are up-to-speed on local laws and […]