Parking Requirements for San Diego Restaurants

Opening a restaurant can be challenging. In San Diego CA, parking requirements for various types of businesses can be difficult to understand, and this is only one of many things likely on your plate as a business owner. Thankfully, Permit Place’s San Diego location is staffed with experts who are up-to-speed on local laws and regulations. With their competence, knowledgeability and value for quality customer service, Permit Place can help you understand San Diego parking requirements — read on to learn more about city requirements and how Permit Place can help your business.

Parking regulations are put in place by the City of San Diego to ensure that demand for parking spaces doesn’t exceed the number of parking spaces available in a particular area. Different cities base their parking requirements off of a number of different factors, including square footage, the number of chairs in your indoor and outdoor dining areas, and whether or not your restaurant is part of a chain.

In San Diego, parking requirements for individual restaurants are based off of the square footage of your building floor area. Here is a link to Chapter 14 of the City of San Diego’s Development code that describes allowed parking by zoning and use.  

Depending on the zoning area your restaurant is located within, your restaurant may be required to have a minimum of anywhere between two and 15 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet. In most areas, you are permitted a maximum of either 20 or 25 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet.

City of San Diego parking requirements also differ depending on whether you’re located in an area served by local transit systems. Zoning areas located outside the reach of local transit systems require restaurants to provide more parking spaces for patrons, since most people will likely need to drive to get to your establishment.

Sifting through San Diego’s laws surrounding parking requirements in the city can be confusing, inconvenient and frustrating. If your restaurant isn’t adhering to local regulations, this can cause delays in operation that can hurt your business. Don’t risk a mistake that could result in financial losses — call the experts at Permit Place today. We’ll make sure your restaurant is up to local laws and requirements so that you can focus on what’s important: your restaurant’s success.

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