Building Permit Expediting Key To Fast Franchise Openings

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Starting the permit process

So you finally decided to take the plunge and invest your savings into a franchise restaurant concept.  Excellent move.  Franchise systems can help first time business owner’s make the transition from employee to owner status.  What you may not have anticipated was how long and complicated the construction permit process can take.

For example, if you are signing a lease for a space did you know that if the space you are leasing was not a restaurant before, you may be forced to wait weeks or even months to receive a building permit? The reason is that you are changing the use of the space from a retail space to a restaurant space.  This requires a different set of rules that you have to follow to ensure that there is parking, seating, health permits, and even a conditional use permit if you are serving beer and wine.  All of the permits and regulations can be overwhelming for a first time franchise owner. Fortunately, if you want to get to opening as soon as possible, building permit expediting consultants or building permit expediters may be your secret weapon to getting open earlier with a minimum amount of hassle.

Building permit expediting is the process of focusing on the building codes, approval process and requirements necessary to get the permit through more quickly than if it was left on it’s own.   Many architects supply building permit expediting as a service but what is not known is that architects don’t typically complete this work in house.  They will hire building permit expediting firms called permit expediters to complete the process.

The key is to get building permit expediting from a company that is local or has local people and has completed projects in that city or county or state before.  You also would want to make sure that they have had experience with your type of project, converting a retail space to a restaurant and has good relationships at the building department.  By going with a professional company that has plenty of experience when it comes to construction as well as the local building regulations and codes, you can be sure to get the building permit that you need with a significantly smaller waiting time than if you were to go the standard route.

For you, this means being able to break ground on your new construction sooner rather than later, which will not only save you time but money as well. From there, you can get your building erected and have it fully functional weeks or even months sooner than you would have by going through the standard process of applying for a building permit.

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