What Is A Permit Expediter

Permit Expeditor

What Is A Permit Expediter? A permit expeditor is a service professional who specializes in obtaining building permits for construction projects. They often have: A deep understanding of local building codes. Relationships with jurisdiction professionals. Specialization in specific types of projects.  Permit expeditors primarily serve as advisors and facilitators for new building construction and remodeling […]

Thinking of Remodeling Your Hotel?

Construction Workers

Receiving a San Diego Hotel Building Permit Using San Diego Hotel Permit Expediter If you own a hotel, you know that the industry that you are competing in is one that you have to keep your establishment updated and attractive in order to stay competitive. Because you know this, you may be planning on remodeling […]

6 Departments Key To Opening A Restaurant in Los Angeles

This resource is an expert from our Complete Guide to Los Angeles Restaurant Permits. Visit this page for everything you need to know about getting permits reviewed and approved quickly. Have you had your sights set on opening a restaurant in Los Angeles? After much dreaming, planning, and late nights, it’s time. You’re ready to […]

Los Angeles Restaurant Permits: A Comprehensive List

This resource is an expert from our Complete Guide to Los Angeles Restaurant Permits. Visit this page for everything you need to know about getting permits reviewed and approved quickly. So you finally decided to take the plunge and invest your savings into a franchise restaurant concept. Excellent move. Franchise systems can help first time […]

Ready to issue permit in LA…what is it?

ready to issue permit image

Ready to Issue Permits in LA Ready to issue permits in LA are called RTI’s.  The City of LA issues all permit applications and issued permits at the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS). Permit Submittal When you submit for a permit through the City of LA, your project goes […]

Do You Need Permit Help For Your New Business?

If you’ve recently started your own business, or are taking steps to become a small business owner, there may be certain things you haven’t yet considered. For example, if the nature of your company requires any special permits to get off the ground, you may have some questions about how to go about obtaining them. […]

Local Government Approvals Nation-Wide?

Permit Place can and does get local approvals nation-wide. Development teams consistently look for the “local guy” to help projects get pushed through the local government process. But, this search can be itself a full-time job. Permit Place is the local guy nationally. We are a permit expediting, entitlement, and alcohol consulting firm for the […]

California Liquor License and Zoning Permits

California Liquor License

California Liquor License and local Zoning Permits California Liquor License also requires a local Zoning Permit in order to operate.  What does that mean? It means that if you are a small local business and you want to offer Beer and Wine at your cafe, you have to get two types of licenses.  A California […]

Project Manager Elizabeth Vernengo In San Francisco

Elizabeth Vernengo is Permit Place’s newest Project Manager in the San Francisco area. Elizabeth’s zeal and work ethic is evident from her impressive portfolio with the biggest names in the construction development industry. Diving into new adventures and being part of teams is not new for Elizabeth, who is a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo […]

Benefits Of Hiring A Building Permit Expediter

If you are looking to start your own business in the near future, then you may very well be considering the option to design and construct your business location. Of course, the challenge in doing this is not only getting blueprints drawn up and finding the right people to take on the construction job, but […]