Ready to issue permit in LA…what is it?

Ready to Issue Permits in LA

Ready to issue permits in LA are called RTI’s.  The City of LA issues all permit applications and issued permits at the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS).

When you submit for a permit through the City of LA, your project goes into the PCIS system as a plan check. The status of the permit application as it winds it’s way through the system changes as it reaches each new stage or milestone. Ready To Issue status in LA is about the last stage of the process of the permit application before it is issued and fees are paid.


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From the City of LA’s definition, Ready to Issue: The permit application is ready to be issued once the permit issuance fees are paid. The permit has not been issued. According to the City of Los Angeles, there are 41 possible places your permit application can be stuck in such as Issued, or Not Ready To Issue or our favorite, Issued. In order to get your permit issued, however, you have to go through some more steps. In the City of LA only a contractor, the owner, an authorized agent for the contractor or the owner’s agent can “pull” the permit. Pull your permit means to take your ready to issue plans to the city and pay the final fees and get an inspector’s card issued to you. Once you get the project RTI, then you got to go through the final steps before you can get an issued permit. But we will leave that for another post. You can find out more about these possibilities from this page on the City of LA’s website.



ladbs permit process

Here’s how your permit travels through the City of LA’s process.



Ready To Issue Permit LA

Ready To Issue permit LA