California Liquor Licenses: Types, Costs, Timeframes and How to Get One

To sell any type of alcohol in California, you must hold the proper liquor license. The tricky part is there are roughly 80 different types of liquor licenses available, each specific to the type of facility, sale and form of alcohol as well as where it is consumed. Understanding details like each license’s overall purpose, […]

Local Government Approvals Nation-Wide?

Permit Place can and does get local approvals nation-wide. Development teams consistently look for the “local guy” to help projects get pushed through the local government process. But, this search can be itself a full-time job. Permit Place is the local guy nationally. We are a permit expediting, entitlement, and alcohol consulting firm for the […]

Get California State Approval for Your Liquor License

How to get California State Approval for Your Liquor License The state of California’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) evaluates liquor license eligibility based on owner’s background and findings from the local jurisdiction. The state process needs to occur at the same time as the local application process. However, the state level approval will not happen […]

5 Steps to Get Local Approval for Your Liquor License

[activecampaign form=5] Getting Local Approval for Your Liquor License Can Be Complex Any mention of getting local approval for your liquor license should include a nod to how complex the process is, there are variances/change of use permits required, public hearings, fees, and ever-changing time frames while at the same time the maze-like process of state […]

California Restaurant Liquor License Types

There are many types of liquor licenses available for California businesses. Picking the right liquor license depends on many factors and what you serve at your establishment. Let’s discuss the various types of liquor licenses in California and which one is right for your business.   Find the Right California Liquor License How Many Types of […]

California Hotel Liquor Licenses

Types of Liquor Licenses for Hotels. Permit Place will help you figure out which Hotel Liquor License type is right for you with a simplified break-down of the types of licenses. Type 67 Bed and Breakfast Inn-“Authorizes the sale of wine purchased from a licensed winegrower or wine wholesaler only to registered guests of the […]

California Liquor License and Zoning Permits

California Liquor License

California Liquor License and local Zoning Permits California Liquor License also requires a local Zoning Permit in order to operate.  What does that mean? It means that if you are a small local business and you want to offer Beer and Wine at your cafe, you have to get two types of licenses.  A California […]

Which Liquor License Type is Right for You?

Which Liquor License Type is Right for You? Which liquor license type is right for you? The California Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) can be confusing with terms like: lottery, restrictive, bona fide. Permit Place offers an explained breakdown of the liquor license types for your convenience. On Sale Beer & Wine-Eating place License Type 41 […]

Cerritos Permits Process? What you can expect.

Cerritos Permits

Cerritos Permits Process.  Egad!  Where art thou building permits, Cerritos? There is a lot of Cerritos permits work happening right now. Retail, housing, restaurants.  It’s hot. It’s happening.  It’s all in Cerritos. City of Cerritos permits can be frustrating to get.  It’s not their fault.   They weren’t born to be frustrating but, unfortunately, they […]

Who Needs a Drink? Alcohol Beverage Control Explained.

Permit Place explains California ABC

Getting started You have decided your hotel or restaurant needs some liquid courage on the menu, but as you type into your computer’s search engine you realize the state alcohol beverage control process is overwhelming. What type of license do you need? How many agencies do you need to work with? What if you get […]