Get California State Approval for Your Liquor License

State Liquor License
State Liquor License

How to get California State Approval for Your Liquor License

The state of California’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) evaluates liquor license eligibility based on owner’s background and findings from the local jurisdiction. The state process needs to occur at the same time as the local application process. However, the state level approval will not happen until the local jurisdiction approves the license of the Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

Prepare and Submit Initial Application

After doing the background research for your site and  license type, you will prepare your state application at the same time as your local application. After you submit your initial application the state will wait for your local application to be approved.

After Local Approval the State ABC Process Begins

Once conditions are met for the local license, you will submit those qualifications to the state of California ABC. From there ABC will:

-Conduct an extensive background check of the owners/applicants

-Verify the financial viability of the owners/applicants

-Analyze the location. This step is similar to the local process of answering the need for your business in the area.

-Are city conditions being met to the satisfaction of the jurisdiction?

After the Review is Completed

The license will be issued once the state review is completed. However, don’t be fooled the process will not happen over night. In fact, often times you are looking at months to even a year before you can be approved to serve and sell alcohol.

Best Practices

Permit Place believes it is always time and cost-effective to hire an expert for the complex entitlement processes for state and local approvals. Permit Place has a dedicated entitlement team with established and trusted relationships through out Los Angeles and the state of California. Contact us here on our site or call 818-786-8960. Check out our other Liquor License articles and videos for more best practices and up-to-date information.


California ABC Type 41 How to Guide

Download our Guide to Completing your California ABC Type 41 Beer and Wine Liquor License Application

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