Blueprint copies from City of Los Angeles Building and Safety.

Blueprint Copies from LADBS

Blueprint copies of site plans on a property from the City of Los Angeles are sometimes necessary when you are applying for permits.  To obtain copies of site plans from the City of LA Building Department (LADBS) you need three things up front:

  1. A release letter from the current owner.
  2. A copy of the current owner’s grant deed.
  3. A release letter from the architect and engineer whose stamp is on the plans.  Letters must be on Letterhead and have engineer/architect’s stamp and signature.

Things to know…

  • Not all properties have plans on file with LADBS.  Prior to 1978, no plans are available for single family homes or commercial buildings 3 stories and under. However, both new construction and alteration/improvement plans can be retrieved.
  • Not sure who the architect and engineer are?  The original signature and seal can be obtained by viewing the plans on the microfilm reels at City Records.
  • All original architect/engineer’s indicated on the plans must provide a release letter on company letterhead, not just one designer or the other.  In the case of a deceased architect/engineer, proof must be provided that they are no longer alive to release the plans.  An example is an article about their death or verification from the California State Licensing Board.
  • Where can I request plans and how long will the request take to complete?  Plans can be requested at either of two locations: Downtown or Van Nuys. The City of LA usually takes anywhere from 7 to 10 business days to complete the request.
  • Need help obtaining City of LA records/plans?  Our sister company Permit Report provide records research services to obtain not only building permits on a property but also MEP permits, certificates of occupancy, violations and plans.
  • Check out our blog post on how long are building permits and plans kept.
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