California Restaurant Liquor License Types

California Restaurant Liquor License Types

California Restaurant Liquor License Types

California State Liquor Licenses for Restaurants are specific to what they allow.

Type 41 California Liquor License for On Sale Beer and Wine for Eating Places

According to the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) in the State of California, Type 41 liquor licenses  enable you to have beer and wine only at your restaurant and it must be a food eating place.

Type 42 California Liquor License for On Sale Beer and Wine in Public Places 

Type 42  Licenses regulate beer and wine only for bar/tavern settings, which means minors are not allowed in. In addition, a food menu option is not required for this type of license

Type 61 On Sale Beer in Public Places

Type 61 License is a beer only bar/tavern where those under 21 years old cannot enter. In fact, warning signs for minors are required to be posted in these places. A food menu is not required for this type of establishment, at the same time food is not prohibited.

Type 75 On Sale General for Brewpubs

The “whole enchilada” so to speak, this license allows for beer, wine, and distilled alcohol to be sold on the premises and minors are allowed on the premises. In addition, this license allows a specified amount of brewing on-site. This place is required to be a “bona fide” eating place, and prohibits off-site consumption of alcohol. “

This provides a simple snapshot of the types of licenses the State of California offers those business wanting to add liquid courage to their dosier of services. Adding this service and line of products enhances the customer experience of your establishment.

What Next?

After you choose the type of license you will use, you need to apply for the license. Before you do that, however, it is wise to take a step back and learn the entire process with the associated costs. We will cover the state and local government process in other articles, but we would like to provide important questions to ask yourself before moving forward.

1. What type of establishment do you run?

2. Does your site have an existing license? If so, does this license meet all of your needs? Will this license stay with the land or the owner?

3. If your site does not have a license, should you apply for a new license or transfer an existing one?

4. How long does your local government take to process an initial application?

5. What neighborhood councils will have a say in your application?

6. Who will attend public hearings for you? Should you hire a professional to do this?

7. What similar businesses are already in the area?

8. What is your land currently zoned for?

9. Are you willing to get a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) until you get your license?

10. If denied, who will appeal the decision for you?

11. How much money are you willing to pay for your license?

12. How long are you willing to persistently pursue your license?

It is always wiser to hire an expert to represent you in the complex liquor licensing process. Permit Place as a team dedicated just towards liquor licenses and we offer full-service coverage.

-Application for Liquor License

-Site research

-Apply for the permit

-Represent you at public hearings

-Save you Time

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