What To Do When The City Says No

It never fails. You have a multi-million dollar idea of putting a particular business at a particular location. The corner is perfect. The demographics suit the nature and demand of the store, service or restaurant. There is just one big problem-the city is not on board. Just what can be done when a city (township, […]

Permit Success With A Positive Attitude

Get permits done and have some fun! In the permitting world, it is imperative that your project is not just another stack of papers sitting on someone’s desk waiting to be reviewed – or forgotten – when trying to stay on budget and on schedule.  Not only should you have a personal connection with the […]

Basic Permit Due Diligence 101

Let’s just take a moment and face the unfortunate truth – as City budgets have plummeted, full-time City staff has been cut, and un-replaced. Despite this drop in City staff, developments have increased – and so have the need for building permits. The US Census bureau recently reported that permits for February 2015 is 3.0 percent […]