Permit Success With A Positive Attitude

Get permits done and have some fun!

In the permitting world, it is imperative that your project is not just another stack of papers sitting on someone’s desk waiting to be reviewed – or forgotten – when trying to stay on budget and on schedule.  Not only should you have a personal connection with the city, but the city should have a personal connection with you and your project!

You never want to be just “another number” in the stack of dozens and dozens of plan checks.  This can be accomplished by utilizing your communication skills and personality to shine through the permitting process.  Break through the mold and turn “Project #123” into “Permit Place’s Project”, for example!

Supplies Needed

1.    Pro-Active Attitude

2.    Personable Presence

3.    Persistent Communication


1.    Do your research – be sure to do your exploration of the jurisdiction before bombarding the reviewer with a laundry list of questions. This can be done through the process of elimination – find out what’s available online to answer the simple questions and help narrow in on the important ones. By familiarizing yourself with the available information, it will assist in, not only asking the right questions, but the important questions!  In doing this, it will break the monotony of the question-answer structure of the dialog to more of an easy-going (and fun) conversation.

2.    First impressions are lasting impressions – be confident in the subject, be friendly and, if appropriate, be funny!

3.    Be persistent – Be sure to follow-up and not get pushed-down to the bottom of the priority list.  You don’t want to smother the reviewer, but always make yourself available to answer any questions or provide additional information. This will help streamline the review and give your project a face or at minimum a voice.

Getting permits are not easy and sometimes not fun, but when time is money and a budget is critical… communication will be the key to success.  Break the boring dullness of plan check-in and plan check-out.  It’s ok to lighten things up and be fun – its builds the relationship… and in some cases, creates a friendship!  Persistence will preserve the communication channels for the course of the project, and will keep your project on track with preventing fires rather than having to put them out! If you have yet to be comfortable with these instructions, have no fear, Permit Place will gladly do the job – it’s just a matter of working with our friends at the City (again)!  We love to talk and we walk the walk!

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