Sacramento Liquor License Requirments

If you’re a Sacramento, CA business owner looking for ways to boost revenue or change your image, consider applying for a liquor license! Liquor sales can greatly increase the amount of money flowing into your business. But what exactly does the California application process — and the liquor license itself — entail? We’ll lay down the basics!

In order to apply for a liquor license, you must first select a location. If you’re still searching for a property to house your business, you’ll need to wait until you have control of the property to purchase or apply for a liquor license.

Sacramento Liquor License
Sacramento Liquor License

Next, determine what kind of liquor license is right for your business. Different liquor licenses have different requirements, and they each grant different privileges. For instance, a Type 20 license is used for off-premise beer and wine sales, which means you can sell beer and wine to be consumed off property. To obtain a Type 20 license, apply directly to your jurisdiction with the help of a permit expeditor service.

If you’re hoping to have patrons consume beer or wine on site, a Type 41 may be a great option. A Type 41, also known as an Original Beer and Wine license, allows owners to sell beer and wine to be consumed on your property. Type 41 licenses have little or no monetary value on the open market, so beware of people trying to sell Type 41 licenses — they are likely trying to take advantage of business owners.

Another type of liquor license is a full liquor restaurant license, or Type 47. A Type 47 license allows restaurants to offer beer, wine and spirits to be consumed on-site. This type of license often requires that at least 51% of your revenue comes from food; if this isn’t the case, you’ll need to apply for a Type 48 license, which classifies your business as a bar.

As you can see, Sacramento liquor license requirements and the application process can be complicated! Thankfully, businesses like Permit Place can help you determine what liquor license is best for your business and then handle the application process on your behalf. Our local experts are familiar with Sacramento liquor license requirements and regulations, and we’re proud to be able to share that expertise to support local businesses. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get your liquor sales off the ground!

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