Parking Requirements for Los Angeles Restaurants

If you’re attempting to open up a restaurant in the Los Angeles CA area, you’re sure to have a lot on your plate. It can seem like everything requires a permit: from liquor licenses and food safety certifications to local parking requirements for, many logistical elements of opening a restaurant require a stack of applications and dozens of phone calls to comply with city regulations. Thankfully, Permit Place’s Los Angeles location offers a team of local experts to help get your business off the ground with as little hassle as possible. Read on and we’ll lay down the basics for Los Angeles restaurant parking requirements.

Los Angeles restaurant parking requirements
Los Angeles restaurant parking requirements

If you’re a Los Angeles local, you know that parking can be a nightmare. Parking regulations are designed to mitigate the pitfalls of Los Angeles’s high population, so that patrons can frequent local restaurants and generate business rather than circling endlessly for a parking space. Parking requirements are set in place to ensure that demand for parking doesn’t exceed the amount of parking available. And of course, every restaurant owner hopes their business creates a lot of demand! Because demand is most often generated by individual restaurants rather than districts as a whole, parking requirements are based on the restaurants themselves rather than the total volume of demand produced by a particular district.

For restaurants in Los Angeles, the city supplies a helpful summary sheet. The City of Los Angeles requires that some restaurant owners provide at least one parking space per 100 square feet. There are several exceptions to commercial parking regulations in Los Angeles: if your business is located in the Downtown Parking District, community redevelopment areas, enterprise zones, or inside a historical building. These exceptions to the rules can get complex, which is when an outside team familiar with local parking codes can be incredibly helpful.

If you’re a restaurant owner in the Los Angeles CA area and you need help understanding Los Angeles restaurant parking requirements, look no further than Permit Place! Our permit experts are well-versed in local laws and regulations, and their personal connections with the right people in town can help you get your permits approved as quickly and conveniently as possible. Running a restaurant is complex enough — let Permit Place take care of your parking requirements.

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