Permit Expediting for EV Loop's EV Charging Station in Huntington Beach

Permit Place overcomes issues to secure EV Charging Station Permits in Huntington Beach, CA

Permit Place recently undertook a challenging yet rewarding permit expediting project for EV Loop, a forward-thinking electric vehicle (EV) charging station developer. 

The project centered around establishing a new EV Charging Station in the bustling city of Huntington Beach, CA. This case study outlines the complexities faced during the permitting process and highlights how Permit Place’s expertise and due diligence ensured the project’s success.


The project’s primary challenge arose when the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) initially processed the permit application as an electrical permit only. 

This oversight by the City of Huntington Beach meant that the comprehensive requirements encompassing Building, Planning, Electrical, and Mechanical departments were not initially considered. Such an oversight could have led to significant delays and complications, considering the intricate nature of constructing and operationalizing an EV Charging Station, which requires meticulous coordination across various regulatory frameworks and standards.

Project Win

Despite the initial misclassification by the AHJ, Permit Place’s proactive and responsive approach ensured there was no delay in the project timeline. 

The team quickly adapted to the revised requirements, facilitating a seamless transition to a commercial permit that included Building, Planning, Electrical, and Mechanical departments. This agility was pivotal in maintaining the project schedule. 

Initially estimated at 16 weeks, assuming a 2-week client revision turnaround, the approval process was successfully completed in 19 weeks. This feat underscores Permit Place’s capability to manage unexpected changes efficiently, ensuring project continuity and success even under stringent conditions.

The successful expedited permit acquisition for EV Loop’s EV Charging Station in Huntington Beach, CA, is a testament to Permit Place’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to navigate the complexities of permit acquisition processes. 

Through proactive engagement, comprehensive due diligence, and effective communication, Permit Place ensured that EV Loop could achieve its project goals without delay, setting a new benchmark for permit expediting services.

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