Permit Expediting Success for DGPB's Retail Space in Dallas

One-day permit approvals for DGPB in Dallas, Texas

Permit Place is renowned for its expertise in navigating the complex terrain of permit expediting, ensuring businesses can open their doors without unnecessary delays. A prime example of this expertise was demonstrated in our recent project with DGPB, focusing on the launch of their 1,223-square-foot retail space within a Dallas, Texas mall. 

This case study outlines the challenges faced, the strategic due diligence process employed, and the triumphant project win that set a new standard for efficiency in permit acquisition.


The task at hand involved a meticulous renovation project, necessitating a certificate of occupancy permit to legally open for business. The complexities of permit expediting are often underestimated, with potential hurdles at every turn — from understanding local building codes and contractor requirements to navigating the specifics of plan formatting and naming standards. 

Permit Place was faced with the challenge of ensuring a seamless process for DGPB, eliminating any potential delays in their store opening.

Permit Place’s Due Diligence Process

At the core of Permit Place’s strategy is a robust due diligence process, meticulously designed to preempt and mitigate challenges. 

For the DGPB project, this entailed identifying key project contacts immediately, pinpointing major sticking points in the submittal process, comprehending plan formatting and naming standards, and getting a handle on fees, departments, building codes, contractor requirements, and more. This proactive approach ensures all possible angles are covered, paving the way for a smooth approval process.

Project Win

The due diligence for DGPB’s retail space yielded an unexpected yet favorable outcome — the discovery that we could be exempt from certain Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations  permits and qualify for over-the-counter approval of the certificate of occupancy. 

Our team estimated a turnaround time of just one day for the approval process, which we met precisely. This efficiency was further enhanced by the local presence of Katelyn, a team member who was conveniently situated near the Authority of Record’s (AOR) residence, enabling her to directly pick up the necessary documents.

The success of the DGPB project stands as a testament to Permit Place’s commitment to excellence in permit expediting. Through meticulous due diligence and an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies involved, we not only met but exceeded expectations, facilitating a swift and hassle-free opening for DGPB’s retail space in Dallas, Texas. This project underscores our capability to navigate complex regulatory environments, ensuring our clients can focus on what they do best — running their business.

How We Help

Due Diligence

  • Fee and timeline estimates
  • Answers to important questions
  • Research into potential issues

Document Collation

  • Collect required documentation
  • Review form accuracy
  • Compile complete submittal packets

Plan Submittal

  • Attend plan check meetings
  • Fill out all paperwork
  • Manage receipts and fee payments

Comments & Corrections

  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Coordinate revisions with stakeholders
  • Resubmit permit packets

Ready to Issue

  • Final fee calculations
  • Contractor consulting
  • Final ready-to-issue paperwork

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