Permit Expediting in Orlando, Florida: Everything You Need to Know

Permit Expediting in Orlando, Florida

Constructing a new building is a large endeavor, to say the least. Not only do you need to gather materials and manage labor, but you also need to arrange the necessary permits. In the City of Orlando, getting these permits isn’t always easy.

This is why it’s often wise to utilize the services of a permit expediter in Orlando, FL. They’ll help you obtain all of your City of Orlando permits, and thus ensure that your construction project can kick off in a timely and proper manner.

Interested in learning more about Orlando permits and permit expediting? Then read on. Here’s everything you need to know about using a permit expediter in Orlando, FL.


City of Orlando Permits: An Overview

First, let’s go over the forms you need to construct or renovate a building in the City of Orlando or in Orange County, Florida. Some of the many construction forms in Orlando include:

General Permitting Forms

If you’re looking to get a permit in Orlando, you should start with general permitting forms. General permitting forms run the gamut from construction declaration forms to notices of commencement to moving permits to contractor change forms and more.

Building Permit Forms

There are all sorts of building permit forms you’ll need to submit. These include general building permits, fence permits, scope of work forms, commercial landscape plan forms, and more.

Electrical Permit Forms

You’ll also need to obtain an electrical permit. If you’re installing low-voltage security alarms, you’ll need to submit applications for those as well.

Engineering Permit Forms

Engineering permit forms include but aren’t limited to, private improvement cost forms, maintenance guarantees, right-of-way paver agreements, and tree removal forms.

Fire Permit Forms

A fire permit will be needed as well. This enables you to install fire alarms, fire suppression devices, and similar. These are all crucial components of commercial buildings.

Construction Performance Guarantees

You’ll also need to submit some construction performance guarantees. These forms indicate you’ll complete the project according to the approved plans.

Mechanical Permit Forms

You’ll also need to submit a mechanical permit. This way, you can install the mechanical devices and equipment you need.

Plumbing/Gas Permit Forms

Don’t forget to submit applications for both plumbing and gas. These permits enable you to install plumbing pipes and gas lines in your construction zone.

Right-of-Way Permit Forms

In situations where your construction might impact public areas, you’ll need to obtain right-of-way permits. For instance, if you put pavers over a public sidewalk, you’ll need a right-of-way permit.


Getting a Permit in Orlando: How It’s Done

Getting construction permits in Orlando is a highly regulated and fairly complex process. It requires not only a great deal of time, but a great deal of documentation. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Submit Permit Applications

The first step to getting City of Orlando permits is to submit a permit application. The applications you’ll submit are dependent on the type of project.

Find the application you require, fill it out accurately and completely, and submit it. It should be processed within 2 days.

2. Provide Construction Plans

Once your applications have been processed, you’ll need to submit construction plans through the city’s digital system—ProjectDox.

Commercial building projects will receive an invoice to pay a non-refundable 25% plan review deposit. Only after this is paid, will you receive a link to access ProjectDox with instructions on how to upload your digital plans.

3. Supply a Notice of Commencement

Next, if your project exceeds $2,500 in codes, you’ll need to supply a notice of commencement with the comptroller’s office of Orange County. This is a document stating your intent to begin construction.

After the county has filed your notice, you’ll need to send a copy of it to the City of Orlando. You’ll also need to post it at your construction site.

4. Keep Tabs on Progress

Plan review times will vary depending on the scope of work and type of project. To help you keep tabs on the status of your permits, the City of Orlando offers a Look Up Tool.

With it you get visibility into progress of your applications, plan review completion dates, related permits and more.

You can find that lookup tool at this link.

5. Pay Necessary Fees

Once your applications have been approved, your permits will be ready to issue. However, you’ll have to pay the fees associated with them first.

An email will be sent to you regarding the fees you owe. You’ll also be able to find these fees using the aforementioned permit lookup tool.

6. Download Your Permits/Plans

Once you’ve paid your fees, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download your permits.

You’ll need to print the permits to scale and then post them at your job site to begin construction.

7. Have Your Project Inspected

The vast majority of construction permits come with inspection requirements. These entail a city inspector coming to your construction site and assessing your project’s progress.

Note that you’re responsible for scheduling inspections as required. If you fail to do this within 6 months, your permit will expire, forcing you to start the permitting process over again.

A final inspection will also be required for the construction. Once the final inspection is carried out, the permit will be closed, and the building will be declared sufficient for commercial use.

8 Monitor Permit Status

After your final inspection, you will need to close out your permits, making them final. Not closing out your permits will make it difficult to sell your building at a later date.

Again, you can check the status of your permit through the city’s permit lookup tool.

Request Plan Changes as Needed

You may, at some point during the project, need to change construction plans or make corrections requested by the inspector. If so, you’ll need to email the city at [email protected], who will then grant you access to the digital portal.

Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy

Once you’ve closed your permit, you can obtain a certificate of occupancy from the city. This will enable you to start using the structure as a commercial space. You can obtain your certificate by emailing [email protected].


Benefits of Using Permit Expediting Services

The Benefits of Using Permit Expediting Services

There are a number of benefits to using permit expediting services. The primary of these benefits include the following:

You’ll Save Time

Consolidating documents, completing application forms, coordinating with different stakeholders, replying to comments and requests for more information all take a lot of time.

And if information or documentation is missing from the application, permits can get delayed, potentially pushing back construction and opening dates.

A permit expeditor’s job is to own these responsibilities so you as the construction project manager can focus on other important tasks.

You Get to Delegate Responsibility

If you’ve never built in Orlando before, or you’re working on a different type of construction project, reviewing the codes, application requirements and processing steps takes up time you likely don’t have.

Offload this task to a team of experts who thoroughly understand what is required to get your permits approved. This reduces stress and saves time you can reallocate to other areas of the project.

Stay Up to Date

A main responsibility of a permit expeditor is to stay on top of the process and keep things moving. Our team understands the typical application review process and timelines, and in turn, can proactively address delays or slow downs in the process.

We also understand the need for transparency. With Permit Place, you’ll get access to your own online portal where you can view the status of your open projects and any communications we’ve had with the jurisdiction.

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Permit Place Has You Covered

There is no shortage of permit expediters in the Orlando area. However, when everything’s considered, there’s no expediter better suited to the job than Permit Place. We take the permitting process on from start to finish, helping you obtain and submit the documentation necessary to get your Orlando permits approved.

When you utilize our expediting service, you receive the services of a seasoned project manager. Your project manager will have years of experience and ample knowledge of

Orlando building codes and procedures. We’ll handle the process and guide you through every step, regardless of the nature of your construction project.

Your project manager will work with everyone on your team to ensure that the correct documentation is being produced and submitted. If necessary, they can also appear at hearings on your behalf, representing your organization so that you get the most favorable outcome possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re constructing a building, erecting a sign, putting up a kiosk, putting a shop in a shop, or remodeling an existing building; we have you covered.

Looking for a Permit Expediter in Orlando FL?

Now that we’ve discussed a thing or two about City of Orlando permits, you might be looking for a permit expediter in Orlando FL. If so, look no further than Permit Place.

We’ll help you secure any and all Orlando permits that you might need. We’re well-versed in the process of getting construction permits in Orlando and will work with your team to get the permitting process done in a timely manner.

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