City of San Jose Introduces Streamlined Tenant Alterations Review Option

  The City of San Jose has recently revamped its expedited plan review process for office and commercial tenants looking to improve their leased spaces. Formerly known as the “Special Tenant Improvement-Industrial Tool Installation (STI-ITI) Service,” the program has been renamed to “Streamlined Tenant Alteration Review (STAR) Service” to better reflect its purpose. The STAR […]

The Difference Between ADUs, JADUs and Guest Houses

  What is the difference between accessory dwelling units (ADUs), junior accessory dwelling unit (JADUs), and guest houses. In terms of location, an accessory dwelling unit may be attached or detached from the main dwelling structure. A JADU or junior ADU must be created from within the footprint of an existing single family dwelling. A […]

California ADU Amendment on Jurisdiction Restrictions Explained

  The State of California amended their Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) handbook. As part of this, local jurisdictions are no longer allowed to limit, by ordinance, the minimum square footage of ADUs. In addition, they cannot set a maximum square footage of the ADUs. The State also says jurisdictions cannot put restrictions on ADU percentages […]

Introduction to Los Angeles Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Permits

ADUs stand for Accessory Dwelling Units, which are small extra homes that you can build on your property in California. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about building an ADU in Los Angeles.   Who can build an ADU in LA? Well, if you have a regular home, then you can usually build […]

LADBS Acronyms & Definitions

  With the variety of acronyms and abbreviations used by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS), it can be a challenge for those not used to working with the department to make sense of who, what or how permit applications or comments should be processed.   The city does offer a glossary that […]

How to Accelerate Construction Timelines in the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ Early Start Permit Program Explained In the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles construction, time is often as critical a resource as the materials that frame the city’s skyline. Recognizing the need to streamline project timelines without compromising on safety and compliance, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) offers a solution: […]

What Projects Qualify for Los Angeles Expedited Plan Check Reviews?

If you’re working on a construction project in Los Angeles, you may be eligible for the city’s expedited plan check services – Counter Plan Check (CPC) and Expanded Counter Plan Check (ECPC).  These options can significantly speed up the plan review and permit issuance process compared to the Regular Plan Check (RPC) route.  But, not […]

Securing Sign Permits in Los Angeles: Rules and Procedures

In the sprawling cityscape of Los Angeles, signage serves as a beacon for businesses looking to attract foot traffic and awareness.  From the city’s perspective, if left unchecked, it can ruin the urban aesthetics and potentially lead to unsafe conditions for the public.  As a result, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has […]

Integrating GIS Technology in The City of Orlando’s Commercial Permitting Process

In Orlando, Florida, the fusion of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with the commercial permitting process helps create efficiency and modernization.  Geographic Information Systems excel at capturing, analyzing, and presenting geographical data. They are transforming the way businesses tackle the complexities of securing commercial permits.  In this article, we’ll walk through what GIS is, its […]

Commercial Building Document Submittal Requirements in Los Angeles, California

    Preparing and submitting the right documents is critical to getting a commercial building project off the ground. This process ensures that all proposed construction meets local codes, standards, and regulations, safeguarding the safety, functionality, and sustainability of new structures.  For businesses and developers building in Los Angeles, California, knowing early what documents are […]