Parking Requirements for Sacramento Restaurants

If you’re currently in the process of opening up a restaurant in Sacramento, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From liquor licenses to food safety and parking requirements, it can seem like everything requires evaluation, certification and a stack of paperwork and permits. Thankfully, third-party businesses like Permit Place can help make the process at the City of Sacramento little bit easier. At Permit Place, local experts will help guide you through the process of securing the necessary permits for your restaurant. Call us or read on and we’re happy to explain parking requirements for Sacramento restaurants.

Local parking requirements are meant to ensure that the demand for parking spaces your business creates is met by the number of parking spaces available in the surrounding area. Sounds simple, right? From here, things get a little bit more complex. Depending on where in Sacramento your business is located, the ratio of demand to parking spaces required for your business can vary.

In the City of Sacramento there are 10 zoning areas The maps of these districts can be found below: North Natomas,  South Natomas,  North Sacramento,  Arden Arcade,  Central City,  East Sacramento,  Fruitridge/Broadway,  Land Park,  Pocket,  South Area

The City of Sacramento organizes their parking districts based on four (4) general plan urban form types (Central Business District, Urban, Traditional, and Suburban).

Parking Requirements for Sacramento Restaurants
Parking Requirements for Sacramento Restaurants

For example, in the Sacramento Central City District and the Arts and Entertainment District, there are no minimum parking requirements for restaurants, bars, brew pubs or wine bars. That’s because, due to large parking garages in those districts, a sufficient number of parking spots already exist and patrons are taken care of.

Parking requirements in the Central City Urban District are a little more stringent. The city requires that restaurants in the district provide at least one space per 2,000 square feet of building. In the Traditional District, the city requires one space per 500 square feet of building. In the Suburban District, it’s even more complex: the city requires one space per 125 gross square feet of the building, but if the restaurant is part of a shopping center, the parking requirements are then based off of the square footage of the shopping center as a whole, rather than the square footage of the restaurant or bar.

A Summary sheet of all zoning parking regulations are at the City of Sacramento’s website.

If you’re located in Sacramento CA or the surrounding areas and you need help identifying and securing the proper permits for your restaurant or small business, look no further than Permit Place. Our experts are local to your community and have the right connections to make the process of obtaining proper permits as quick and easy as possible so you can get your business off the ground with no hassle. You’ve got enough to worry about! Let Permit Place take the stress of parking requirements for Sacramento restaurants and the parking permit applications off your hands.

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