Blueprint copies from City of Los Angeles Building and Safety.

Blueprint Copies from LADBS Blueprint copies of site plans on a property from the City of Los Angeles are sometimes necessary when you are applying for permits.  To obtain copies of site plans from the City of LA Building Department (LADBS) you need three things up front: A release letter from the current owner. A copy of […]

California Hotel Liquor Licenses

Types of Liquor Licenses for Hotels. Permit Place will help you figure out which Hotel Liquor License type is right for you with a simplified break-down of the types of licenses. Type 67 Bed and Breakfast Inn-“Authorizes the sale of wine purchased from a licensed winegrower or wine wholesaler only to registered guests of the […]

What To Do When The City Says No

It never fails. You have a multi-million dollar idea of putting a particular business at a particular location. The corner is perfect. The demographics suit the nature and demand of the store, service or restaurant. There is just one big problem-the city is not on board. Just what can be done when a city (township, […]

A Building Permit Should Be Forever

Do not ever throw away your copy of the building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits, issued for your home, especially for any remodeling or alteration projects. The existence of this document will help you close the sale of your home, if any questions should arise regarding the competency of the workmanship. Make sure you check […]

A Building Permit Does Not Guarantee Occupancy

 Just because your plans have been approved by the jurisdiction, your building permit has been issued and you have completed the construction of your project does not mean it will meet all the necessary life safety requirements to get your certificate of occupancy. One client had installed 43 4 ft x 8 ft heat and […]

Getting The Right Jurisdiction

You can cost yourself a lot of time if you are not absolutely sure which jurisdiction is responsible for building permits on your property. Sometimes County and City boundaries are not exactly clear. Find your tax parcel number then you can go to our City Links Page and find the correct jurisdiction by calling them […]

Allow No Work Until Permit Is Issued

Our newest client assumed there was no problem getting a building permit to put a sun deck on an existing home.  In order to save time on the project, which included a new six foot sliding glass door, the contractor installed the door prior to the building permit being applied for. Problem is the building […]

Make Sure Your Land Is Buildable

Here is the place for some real due diligence. Local zoning ordinances, shoreline regulations and storm water controls put in place by local jurisdictions to comply with state and federal requirements may make your project unbuildable on your particular piece of property. Before you sign any contracts with builders or manufactured home providers, be sure […]

Solving The Permitting Maze

Most building permit approvals are held up because of incomplete submittals – there are a number of steps you can take to make sure that your submittal package is complete. It is very difficult for the average architect, contractor or homeowner to be on top of the requirements in each of the 28,000 jurisdictions across […]

Environmental Permit Assistance Centers

Federal law requires each state to provide small business assistance centers to help businesses unscramble the confusing and frustrating environmental permits that are required. Permit Place provides electronic links and contact names and numbers to all 50 state environmental assistance offices at City Links page. Just click on this link and select the individual state […]