Solving The Permitting Maze

Most building permit approvals are held up because of incomplete submittals – there are a number of steps you can take to make sure that your submittal package is complete.

It is very difficult for the average architect, contractor or homeowner to be on top of the requirements in each of the 28,000 jurisdictions across the United States.Not only are there 28,000 different sets of requirements, there are also three Model Code Agencies that write three different regional buiding codes for each of three different geographical areas in the U.S.

Combine this with the 28,000 local jurisdictions writing scores of planning and development ordinances, and you have an excellent recipe for total confusion and a compelling reason for using an expert in the building permitting process such as Permit Place.

Do not leave the permitting portion of your project in the hands of contractors, architects or permit expediters unfamiliar with the local process. Do yourself a favor and get a professional permit consulting firm in early to keep your project on track. We have a great list of partners available here at this link.

Any one of these companies are excellent local resources , knowledgable with the local Building Codes and officials. Give them a call or call us at 1-888-727-8138 today.

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