Building Permit Status Definitions

Building Permit Status

The building permit approval process involves a series of steps, including application submittal, plan check review, comments and corrections, and permit approval. At each step, your permit is given a status. While the terminology may change slightly, the statuses are consistent across all city and county jurisdictions. Knowing the definition of each status and what’s […]

What are Entitlements?


Usually, before any commercial or large-scale construction project kicks off, a due diligence report is completed. A due diligence report uncovers all the zoning and construction requirements and restrictions for a plot of land, approval timelines and anticipated fees. If what you’re legally allowed to build does not align with what you have planned, you […]

What Is A Permit Expediter

Permit Expeditor

What Is A Permit Expediter? A permit expeditor is a service professional who specializes in obtaining building permits for construction projects. They often have: A deep understanding of local building codes. Relationships with jurisdiction professionals. Specialization in specific types of projects.  Permit expeditors primarily serve as advisors and facilitators for new building construction and remodeling […]

San Jose Retail Permits: A Complete Guide

  In the City of San Jose, building permits for retail construction projects are reviewed and awarded by Development Services.  As with any jurisdiction, the City of San Jose has its own systems and processes for awarding permits, and the process varies by the location, size and complexity of your project.  Over the past 20 […]

Los Angeles Retail Permits: A Complete Guide

Building codes keep everyone safe and permits ensure everyone plays by the same, established rules. If you’re building out your new retail space, these rules will apply to you, whether in a mall, shopping plaza, or a standalone building. We’ve consolidated our decades of experience expediting the building permit process for new Los Angeles retail […]

6 Departments Key To Opening A Restaurant in Los Angeles

This resource is an expert from our Complete Guide to Los Angeles Restaurant Permits. Visit this page for everything you need to know about getting permits reviewed and approved quickly. Have you had your sights set on opening a restaurant in Los Angeles? After much dreaming, planning, and late nights, it’s time. You’re ready to […]

Los Angeles Restaurant Permits: A Comprehensive List

This resource is an expert from our Complete Guide to Los Angeles Restaurant Permits. Visit this page for everything you need to know about getting permits reviewed and approved quickly. So you finally decided to take the plunge and invest your savings into a franchise restaurant concept. Excellent move. Franchise systems can help first time […]

Complete Guide to Los Angeles Restaurant Permits

Congratulations on deciding to open a new restaurant in Los Angeles. While a huge investment of time, money and resources, it can also be spiritually rewarding and financially lucrative. As you begin to plan and prepare for the launch of your new restaurant, there are a number of things you need to know about working […]

California Liquor Licenses: Types, Costs, Timeframes and How to Get One

To sell any type of alcohol in California, you must hold the proper liquor license. The tricky part is there are roughly 80 different types of liquor licenses available, each specific to the type of facility, sale and form of alcohol as well as where it is consumed. Understanding details like each license’s overall purpose, […]

Blueprint copies from City of Los Angeles Building and Safety.

Blueprint Copies from LADBS Blueprint copies of site plans on a property from the City of Los Angeles are sometimes necessary when you are applying for permits.  To obtain copies of site plans from the City of LA Building Department (LADBS) you need three things up front: A release letter from the current owner. A copy of […]