Streamline the Permits In Your Retail Business

How Permit Place Can Help Permit Your Retail Business

Permit Place helps both large national retail rollouts and mom and pop shops open on time and on budget. Not only do we help to reduce the time it takes to get you the necessary retail permits, we also work to educate you into the often complex, convoluted and mysterious approval procedure.

Refreshing or Remodeling Your Retail Business

Whether you are renting a space, building a store, or remodeling an existing structure – there are permits and entitlements required. These documents vary by location, zone, store type and other various nuances.

Our Five Point Success Service

How do we streamline your permit and entitlement process? At Permit Place, we use our five-point success service to plan and expedite the retail permits process.  Permit Place pioneered this process and it is often copied but never duplicated.

  • Due Diligence: Our first step is to perform our due diligence. This step includes a site investigation that helps our specialists to determine which permits you need, how long the permit process will take, what are the fees and the requirements in order to successfully submit your project.
  • Quality Control: From there, we move into our quality control stage. During this time, we coordinate with all necessary architects, sub-consultants, property owners, and tenants. We check your drawings against the Due Diligence to ensure everything is included, fill out any required paperwork, vetting all documents to ensure they are accurate.
  • Submit: Next, we mobilize and submit all required paperwork to the correct authorities. We understand how important it is to seek the fastest route to approval. Because of this, we always strive to obtain the fastest process for retail permits. (Our database tells us the fastest way using either internet reviews, expedited or local, walk-in assistance in most jurisdictions.) If you need to have more than one submittal done, that is no problem. We can submit simultaneous retail permits and provide the same, personal accountability of each.
  • Monitor: Once everything has been submitted, we monitor the retail permits process. For high priority projects, we provide an online portal at where you see the live daily updates on the status of your retail permits. For others, we provide a status every week or more. Our specialists are assertive and know the process. We are smart enough to push when necessary, but also know when to back off to prevent unnecessary issues.  We will also secure any necessary corrections and scan and put access to these via Dropbox or our portal.
  • Ready To Issue (RTI) Finally, we will send you the ready to issue report once it has been received. Due to our knowledgeable and experienced support, our specialists can also tell your contractors what they need to bring as well. As with all of our steps, we continue to maintain your documents in an organized, helpful manner, providing status updates.

If you are in need of retail permits, contact Permit Place today!