What Are Building Codes?

What are building codes?

  A building code is a set of rules that specify the minimum acceptable level of safety for a building or non-building structure.  Building codes ensure that all buildings, including residential, commercial and industrial properties, meet certain structural integrity and safety levels. These codes protect the occupants of a building as well as those who […]

Thinking of Remodeling Your Hotel?

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Receiving a San Diego Hotel Building Permit Using San Diego Hotel Permit Expediter If you own a hotel, you know that the industry that you are competing in is one that you have to keep your establishment updated and attractive in order to stay competitive. Because you know this, you may be planning on remodeling […]

Ready to issue permit in LA…what is it?

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Ready to Issue Permits in LA Ready to issue permits in LA are called RTI’s.  The City of LA issues all permit applications and issued permits at the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS). Permit Submittal When you submit for a permit through the City of LA, your project goes […]

Opening a Restaurant in San Diego


Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, love the restaurant lifestyle, and want to combine the two? If you are in the San Diego area, you might wonder how to open a restaurant.  What to Expect When Opening a Restaurant in San Diego Aside from that huge rush when you first open the doors to your […]

What To Do When The City Says No

It never fails. You have a multi-million dollar idea of putting a particular business at a particular location. The corner is perfect. The demographics suit the nature and demand of the store, service or restaurant. There is just one big problem-the city is not on board. Just what can be done when a city (township, […]

A Building Permit Does Not Guarantee Occupancy

 Just because your plans have been approved by the jurisdiction, your building permit has been issued and you have completed the construction of your project does not mean it will meet all the necessary life safety requirements to get your certificate of occupancy. One client had installed 43 4 ft x 8 ft heat and […]

Make Sure Your Land Is Buildable

Here is the place for some real due diligence. Local zoning ordinances, shoreline regulations and storm water controls put in place by local jurisdictions to comply with state and federal requirements may make your project unbuildable on your particular piece of property. Before you sign any contracts with builders or manufactured home providers, be sure […]

Permit Submittal Roadblocks

Do not forget you will need to put a complete code summary on your cover sheet when submitting your building permit application package. A client came to us last week for help because the reviewer would not begin the review process until the code summary was in the submittal documents. A complete set of documents […]

What Goes On A Site Plan?

Even though there are 28,000 different interpretations of what should be on this very important portion of the plan review documents, providing the following items will get you through most building departments. North arrow Full Legal Description Tax parcel number Zoning designation Name of Owner Owner’s address and phone number Address of property if known […]

Building Department Responsibilities

Building departments adopt administrative rules from time to time for construction issues that are not covered by the currently adopted codes. These rules are called administrative guidelines and should always be reduced to writing by the local jurisdictions and placed in an administrative manual and easily accessible to the staff of the department. Problems occur […]