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Today in our blog we feature our Restaurant Permit service. Actually, it should be called Food Service Use permit because it also covers Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores as well.

Basically, anything you do with food is called by the authorities as a food use.  That means if you are service, selling or consuming it, you guessed it.  You got a food use.

What we do for restaurant, grocery stores or convenience stores.

The two most important questions for you to ask when opening a cafe or restaurant is:

1) Will you serve alcohol?

If you are serving alcohol, you are in luck.  Permit Place Liquor License services specializes in securing ABC licenses as well as the Conditional Use Beverage process in the City of Los Angeles.  Remember, from the Top Ten Tips, the City of Los Angeles makes you go through two (2) processes.  The Conditional Use Beverage (CUB) process in the City of LA and the State of California ABC licensing.  We are experts in both processes and can save you weeks, if not months, off of the application processing time.

2) What was in the space before

If you are looking at leasing a space, find out from the City if the location had a food use associated with it.  That’s what our Property Records Research service is all about.  We research the property’s certificate of occupancy and find out if the previous occupant had a food use associated with it.

If you change your use from another use to (For example, a dentist office) to a cafe you will need to apply (in Los Angeles, at least) for a Change of Use permit.

Very simply, in commercial property, if you are going to remodel an existing facility and you are not putting the same type of business back into the space, then you are changing it’s use.  For example, you take over a dentist’s office and open a bakery.  You are changing the use from a medical use to a food use.

Permit Place will also submit your plans to the Health Department and the Fire Department.

We will manage your signage permits as well.

Our restaurant permit service can also manage your Utilities permits as well.  This is a huge value and a massive time savers.

It’s all bundled or we offer ala carte service as well.

If you are trying to get a restaurant open, please remember

Health permit

Building Permit

Outdoor Seating Permit

Sign Permit

Fire Permit

Conditional Use Permit

ABC License Permits

We do it all so you don’t have to deal with it.

You can look up all the websites for every city at Permit Place’s Building Department Database where we have links to all the cities websites.

We are always available for permit expediting, liquor license permit services or entitlement services.

Call us today at 818-786-8960 to discuss your project.

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