City Of Los Angeles Property Records Can Be Key To Your Property

City of Los Angeles Property Records key to finding out about your property
Those that are looking to take advantage of the many homes on the market, need to secure copies of the permits on the property before they buy. You may be buying illegal construction.

“Any issues with the properties from illegal additions to code violations become the responsibility of the new owner”, said Mike Robinson, President of Permit Place, a land use, entitlement and permit expediting firm.

“Many people think that just because the price is low that it’s a good deal, but many properties including foreclosures and distressed properties can have illegal additions, sub-standard work or code violations that the new owner can be made responsible for correcting the problem”, states Robinson.

Homeowners should ask the seller or the seller’s realtor to research the property and find out if there are building permits and certificates of occupancy issued on any new additions.

The seller should provide the buyer with copies of permits confirming that the square footage on the property matches all existing permits on the property.

For example, if the property built in 1999 has two bedrooms and a bath and the seller added a new bedroom and bathroom, the buyer should check to see that the original permits and certificate of occupancy show the original square footage and that the permits show the new, correct additional square footage.

For those located in Los Angeles not comfortable with completing the research on their own, Permit Place provides a service to research building permits and provide copies of these permits for you or your broker.

The service to starting in the City and County of Los Angeles costs $60.00 plus the costs of copies, gives those selling properties a chance to find out what permits, certificates of occupancy have been issued on the property or will verify which additions on the property have been permitted.

Permit Place has been providing property research for commercial and residential property since 2001.  For more information, please contact Caitlin Hallerman at 818-786-8960.

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