Ready to issue permit in LA…what is it?

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Ready to Issue Permits in LA Ready to issue permits in LA are called RTI’s.  The City of LA issues all permit applications and issued permits at the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS). Permit Submittal When you submit for a permit through the City of LA, your project goes […]

Permit Expediting in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles

If you need a building permit in LA, the twist and turns of the approval process may feel like walking through a maze. And on either side of the maze walls will be stacks of paperwork, rules, and regulations. Is there an easier path to take? The answer is a resounding yes: permit expediting. In […]

Permit Expediting in Orlando, Florida: Everything You Need to Know

Permit Expediting in Orlando, Florida

Constructing a new building is a large endeavor, to say the least. Not only do you need to gather materials and manage labor, but you also need to arrange the necessary permits. In the City of Orlando, getting these permits isn’t always easy. This is why it’s often wise to utilize the services of a […]

What Twitter Should Have Known About San Francisco Sign Permitting

On Monday, officials from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection (DBI) observed the removal of a new illuminated sign, shaped as “X”, from the building previously recognized as Twitter’s headquarters. Twitter was recently rebranded as X, but then not, but sort of still is … the saga is a bit hard to follow. Regardless, […]

Guide to New Construction Permits in Orlando

City of Orlando, Florida Permits

  Did you know that in the past 365 days, the City of Orlando has received an impressive total of 12,920 permit applications? This highlights the growing development of the city in a way you just can’t miss. With this number of applications, it’s clear that Orlando is a hotspot for new construction. Are you […]

What You’ll Need for a California EV Charging Station Permit

The following is an excerpt from our Guide to California EV Charging Station Permitting Guide. Download it here.  The State of California recently adopted two bills to help streamline the electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) permit approval process. Specifically, Assembly Bill 1236: Requires all California cities and counties to develop an expedited, streamlined permitting process […]

Building Permit Status Definitions

Building Permit Status

The building permit approval process involves a series of steps, including application submittal, plan check review, comments and corrections, and permit approval. At each step, your permit is given a status. While the terminology may change slightly, the statuses are consistent across all city and county jurisdictions. Knowing the definition of each status and what’s […]

Where can I find building code information?

Where to find building codes

  Building codes are essential guidelines that provide the minimum requirements for designing, constructing, and maintaining buildings. They ensure that structures are safe, functional, and comply with local regulations.  However, building codes are adopted at the state, county, and city levels, meaning no one code applies to all properties. In addition, how and where these […]

Permit Term and Acronym Definitions

Permit Definitions

As you go through the permitting process, industry professionals and plan review personnel may throw some terms or acronyms your way. You must understand what each means because miscommunications lead to project delays.  Below we’ve listed the most common terms you’ll encounter throughout the permitting process and their definitions.  Appointment Plan Check (APC): An APC […]

How Long Does a San Jose Building Permit Approval Take?

San Jose Building Permit Timelines

The time between permit application submittal and approval is a critical detail commercial construction projects need to plan around.  In San Jose, California, permit approval times can be as short as 10 weeks or 40+ weeks, depending on several factors.  The City of San Jose Building Division offers this approximate plan review timetable document. While […]

Should I Use a Local Architect to Manage My Permits?

Should architects manage permits

Architects are a critical role to any commercial construction project. They are experts in local building codes and design, and are essential in the permit approval process. But should a local architect manage your project’s building permits application? They can, but we believe there is a better option. The odds of a commercial construction project […]