Permit Information

Permit Information Do I need a building permit?  How do I get a building pemit?  What are the permit requirements?  How much does a permit cost?  How do I know if my project meets building code?  Where do I apply for a building permit?  How do I get a permit fast? If these are questions you are […]

Seattle Permit: Which Projects Need One

If this is your first time going through the permit process in Seattle, you may be wondering if your project even needs a permit in the first place. Here are a few rules of thumb to determine whether your building project requires a Seattle permit, or whether the project is permissible without one. Projects which […]

What is the Seattle Permit Process Like?

Before beginning a construction or home improvement project in Seattle, it is essential that you first obtain a permit. This brief overview of the Seattle permit process will walk you through the necessary steps you will need to take in order to secure your building permit. Permits Issued by City of Seattle As you begin […]

Can I Make Changes to a Permit?

Congratulations! You have successfully undergone the Seattle building permit process, and your plans have been approved. But…wait a second. You just realized you need to make a change to your plan, which means your permit needs to be changed too. Is this possible? It all depends on how substantial the changes are, really. When you […]

How Do I Get a Permit in Seattle?

The permitting process set forth by the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections is pretty straightforward, but determining which permit or permits you need to apply for, or whether you even need a permit at all, can sometimes be tricky. Here is a comprehensive overview of the permit application process in Seattle to help guide […]