Permitting 104

Permitting 104: More Advanced Tips

Most jurisdictions have very different requirements for residential versus commercial permitting.  You MUST check with your local jurisdiction in our jurisdiction database for the type of work you intend to complete.

In commercial applications the following documents must be provided by the project applicant in two or more stapled sets to the permitting agency to obtain a building permit.

The submitted documents must meet the requirements for stamping and sealing of professional consultants in the state where your project is being built.

Providing a well developed cover sheet for your drawings with certain basic elements is usually the first step for getting a building permit application accepted.

This is a partial list of required items that should be on a cover sheet:

 Footprint – square footage of floor area in project.
Codes Summary – What code publications and editions are used in the design.
Scope of work.
Legal description or tax parcel number.
Location of work clearly defined.
Index of drawings.
Allowable height.
Allowable area.
Building occupancy group.
Building construction type.

Other submittal information:

 Name, phone number, and address of the applicant.
Construction valuation – to determine building permit fees.
Floor plan with egress routes and work area highlighted.
Dimensioned to scale design drawings, sections, plans, and elevations.
Stamped structural drawings.
Stamped engineering calculations.
Civil drawings including landscape plans and site drainage information.
Demolition plans if required.
Erosion and dust control processes.
Asbestos information on demolition and remodels.
Stamped fire protection drawings.
Stamped construction specifications.
Plumbing and mechanical drawings.

Other common approvals:

 1. Environmental Checklist (some projects are exempt)
2. Critical areas and resource lands data.
3. Energy code requirements.
4. Sewer and water availability
5. Health Department approval.
6. State Electrical approval.
7. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit
8. Soil investigation reports.
9. Other documents may be required in special cases.

The building official may require plans, computations and specifications to be prepared and designed by an engineer or architect licensed by the state where the work is being performed.

The building official may also waive the submission of plans, calculations, construction inspection requirements and other data in some cases.


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