Permit Information

Permit Information

Do I need a building permit?  How do I get a building pemit?  What are the permit requirements?  How much does a permit cost?  How do I know if my project meets building code?  Where do I apply for a building permit?  How do I get a permit fast?

If these are questions you are asking yourself, Permit Place has the answers.  Permit Place is not only one of the best consulting agencies for building permits, but we also aim to educate by providing public access to as much free permit information as possible.

Follow the links below to discover a wealth of information about building codes, applying for a building permit, city and county contact information, and more.

Building Department Database 

Find contact information for building and safety or development services at your local jurisdiction. You can locate phone numbers, website addresses, fax numbers, and addresses for your city or county building and safety department.

Do I Need A Permit?

The most commonly asked question by our clients is, “Do I Need A Permit?”.  Look up your local city or county jurisdiction’s requirements and find what kind of construction needs to be permitted and what is required for plan check submittal.

Permit Tips

The building permit tips are designed to give homewoners and general contractors tips about how to make applying for a building permit a smoother and easier process.  Learn how to make your next trip to the planning or building department less stressful.

Permit Expeditor Network

The Permit Place expeditor network spans the entire country.  Get in touch with a local expert who can submit your project and save you time, money, and hassle.

Permitting 101

Permitting 101 is the first of a four course series that outlines the most basic and fundamental steps to obtaining a building permit.  Read through these lessons before you apply for a building permit to ensure a successful submittal.

If you need help getting permits, visit our Permit Services section for detailed permit information on the permitting services we provide, or contact one of our nationwide expeditors .

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