Use These 5 Plan Check Tips To Get Permits In The City Of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) is notorious for it’s difficulty level in getting building permits.  Use these 5 plan check tips to get through plan check at LADBS.

Did you know that many projects including mid-sized commercial tenant improvements can be counter plan checked at City of Los Angeles? Many people are not aware and can fall into the trap of delaying their construction schedule to allow for long lead times.

Please note this excerpt from the

Counter Plan Check
Counter Plan Check offers the convenience and expedience of having a plan review and obtaining a permit without the need to make an appointment. It also allows applicants to interact with the plan check engineer right there at the public counter. The type of plans that are typically reviewed at the counter are small and medium size projects, such as tenant improvements, small office and retail buildings that can be reviewed in approximately 45-60 minutes. Counter plan check is offered at our Metro(Downtown), Van Nuys, and W.L.A. Construction Service Centers.

However, in order to have a project counter plan checked, you’ll want to be prepared to make sure you have all you need:

  1. Have an 8.5×11 site plan prepared showing property lines and streets.
  2. Make sure you have records of the previous Certificate of Occupancy and recent Building permit (gathering records in City of Los Angeles is not easy if you don’t know how).
  3. A set of drawings
  4. Bring a blank check payable to the City of Los Angeles for plan check fees.
  5. A good book.  Waiting for over the counter plan check can take some time.

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